Universal Solar specializes in the development and construction of commercial and private photovoltaic solar energy systems, mainly in Sweden, Spain and Portugal.

We specialize in solar energy and focus on ground-based facilities, rooftop and parking spaces while working closely with users, landowners and property owners as well as local utility companies.

We add value in every part of the process, from design of the project to the proper implementation and installation, keeping the whole process simple and easy to understand

We are actively looking for landowners who are interested in obtaining stable income from their land. If you are interested in receiving a personalized estimation of profitability of your land, contact us.

At Universal Solar take care of each step of the project:

Land lease

Starting with a long-term land lease with the land owner. We give the landowner the option to co-invest in any facility on their land and/or to receive produced green energy from the future photovoltaic plant. 

Connection point

We handle the connection point with the local utlillity company.

Permit and Licences

We take care of all permits and authorizations and carry out necessary environmental studies or other necessary preparations.


We arrange all necessary financing for the project.


Engineering and construction for any kind of surface, supply of materials, construction with local contractors. We use large and reliable equipment providers and local installers and service providers.


Monitoring, Inspections on a regular basis, Maintenance and Administrative services


What kind of land are we looking for?

The land must have a common rustic urban planning qualification, no special protection. It is not necessary that it is wasteland.

Other features:

– Minimum surface of 10.000 m2 (10 HA)

– No roads, paths or rights of way.

– Reasonably flat.

– Unencumbered land.

– Free of humidity and in non-flood zones

– Relatively close to high-voltage lines.

In case your land meets these characteristics, get in touch with us and we will carry out a feasibility study.

Interested in obtaining an income for your land?

Long-term solar lease can be a very attractive option for farmers and other landowners seeking a fixed income (with secure return) on their land without worry.

Solar leasing will provide you with a long-term stable income stream and the satisfaction of contributing to clean and sustainable solar energy.

A solar lease can last over 25 years, for a temporary use that will leave the land intact after the stipulated term. At the end of the project’s operating cycle, the solar panels and equipment will be removed from the land, allowing it to resume its previous use.

Universal Solar will be responsible for the complete dismantling of the project materials and for restoration if necessary.

Contact us for more information about our line of work and how we can create synergies and produce commercial and competitive solar power together for a cleaner tomorrow.


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