UNIVERSAL SOLAR is a company within Universal Group, with focus in the development of ground and roof-top solar projects in Europe, with special focus in Sweden, Portugal and Spain. We are creating a significant renewable energy portfolio at a national level by effectively developing small and medium scale, solar projects. We believe in smaller scale development, since we work closer to the users.

The team is multidisciplinary and international, including doctorate level professionals and engineers, with long and wide experience in the renewable energy sector.

With our long term technical and engineering knowledge, we offer optimal solutions to customers based on state-of-the-art technology development. We work closely with leading global, national and local panel & inverter manufacturers, charger and other equipment suppliers, to provide stable and secure system solutions in many countries.

Universal Solar erbjuder även olika lagringstekniker som batterier och ett unikt koncept för lagring med tryckluft, samt hela kedjan med projektering, montering, installation och inkoppling för en solanläggning

Universal Solar is a part of Universal Group, and as part of international companies that has a broad focus in renewable and solar energy. We work with many of the biggest panels manufactures and represent ……….. (depends on which country) exclusive in ………. But we supply all type of panels and equipment (as inverters, mounting system, batteries or other storage solutions) given specific demand as well.

The group has been active in the renewable energy business since early 2000´s, developed from working with energy efficiency into power production. From the initial experience of small scale hydro, Wind Power and now, since many years, with a focus on Solar Power in different forms. Especially towards decentralised energy production in combination with energy storage, for off-grid and local microgrid solutions. We are present in three continents and have been facilitating renewable energy projects for a long time. Through our vast cooperation network, Universal Solar can guarantee a cost-effective alternative with broad expertise and secure suppliers.


Among global partners are AEG, SMA, Verditek, CNBM, and in Sweden Rejlers, ÅF and various electrical installers with experience in solar installations.

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