Universal Solar has worked in the Solar power market for a long time and have long-lasting and direct relationships with many manufacturers. We have a cooperation with global tier one manufacturers of panels, inverters and other equipment, for example monitoring. We thereby offer a wide range of products that fits any solar project together with robust product & production warranties and installation guides.

Universal Solar has the necessary technological knowledge to be able to offer the most competitive products in terms of their function, technology development and pricing. Being involved in many large projects and working with large volumes with no intermediaries, we are able to offer fast deliveries and competitive prices to local & regional distributors, installers, local utilities, real estate companies, construction companies and municipalities.

We have panels and equipment for single houses, commercial roofs and ground based projects.

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A key component of any solar installation is the mounting systems will hold the panels in place, either on the roof or the ground. These must be solid, simple & fast to install, with long life expectancy and warranty. Universal Solar works directly with experienced specialist manufacturers and thereby offers competitive pricing and delivery, together with installation guides.

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